The Pandemic and the Rebirth of the Drive In

As the pandemic has raged movie theaters have closed and filmmakers have had to find new ways to get their movies to market. At the same time moviegoers are open to new means of watching movies. Watching a movie online is great and all but it doesn't always match the level of escapism and the experience of going to movie.  Here, drive-ins have stepped in to fill the void.  Many stories of have about recently about the resurgence of drive-ins. And in addition to commercial drive-ins we have also seen a dramatic increase in impromptu drive-ins - much like the Renegade Picture Show was!  Articles from various news sources:
Opening intro motion title screen for Renegade Picture Show.

Complete History of Renegade Picture Show

I am working on a complete history of the Renegade Picture Show.  This is a work in progress.  In the meantime, how about a savory treat?

Return of the Renegade Picture Show

It's been some time and I've decided to re-launch the Renegade Picture Show in all its glory this August with RPS #24. Not sure what will be shown at this time or which Saturday evening it's going to be just yet so stay tuned. I was updating the site today, clicking through the links on the links page and was pretty shocked to find that there are very few guerrilla drive-ins left in the US. I think this is a result of the pressures of the film industry's regulating body and licensing folks hard at work putting the hammer down - way to go Swank and Criterion. "It's stealing," they say. (Do I want to get into the collective argument of copyright fair-use, right now? Kind of, but I'll sidestep for now.) In any case, the popularity of outdoor movie showings has skyrocketed. Here in the OKC metro it seems like everyone has some sort of movie night. On the river, at the botanical gardens, at the waterpark, at the amusement park, at the community park..

Reel Rock 8 (RPS 23) - Saturday, Oct 19, 2013

Saturday, October 19th at 7pm will be show the Reel Rock 8 at Rocktown and presented by Backwoods. The tickets are $10 and may be purchased either online at or the day of the show.

RENEGADE ___2013

It's getting to be that time again - Spring is on it's way (we hope) and with it will come another season of the Renegade Picture Show. As you know, we launched a new screen/venue last year and we hope to have even more shows this year. I am working on the schedule but already have a couple of film things planned. So stay tuned....

Renegade Picture Show - New Screen Premiere - June 30th, 2012

Greeting fellow Renegade Picture Show movie-goers! Saturday, June 30th, 2012 is a special day in many ways. It is the first show this season - and our 21st show over the course of 6 years running. We'll be celebrating the day and enjoying an evening of film in our BRAND NEW VENUE and on a much, much larger and even more awesome screen. The new screen is located on the opposite end of the same building where the old screen was painted. This is the third generation of painted movie screens and each one just gets bigger and better. This one all but knocks it out of the park. Coupled with an incredible grassy sitting area, this should be quite an enjoyable spot to watch a film. Someone already pointed out the imperfections of the building and how it's not entirely flat - my response is that it only adds character and is part of this style of movie-going experience where we have to make do with what surface we have to project on. In actuality, most of the imperfections of the surf