Painted a New Screen!

On Saturday we painted a HUGE white screen on the back of the OKC Rocks silos! It was a lot of work and there were some technical delays to overcome (including one near-death experience) but we did it. A word to the wise - never try to lower 150 pounds of paint down a 100 foot silo shaft using a single pulley, your bare hands and a hip belay. You could get a nasty rope burn (or worse). But let's not talk about that...

Did I mention that the screen looks freekin' awesome?

Thanks to Freddy (of OKC Rocks) for the paint and for permission to paint the screen and use the silos for the show.

Don't forget - Saturday, May 5 is the first show with the new screen - can't wait!


Looking good! This is the first I've heard about your project and I'm really sad that I'm not in OK to attend the shows. I'm curious to hear a little more about the near death experience, though. Keep up the creativity!

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