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Next Show - FRIDAY, JUNE 1

Our next show is Friday, June 1. Show starts at dark (that means around 9:00 pm). The location is same as before - OKC Rocks, back of the silos. this is a great movie - it's the first feature film for the Wilson brothers and the first feature film for Wes Anderson. It was shot entirely in Texas around Dallas and Houston. The movie should be a lot of fun to watch on the big screen, uhh, I mean silo. Bring food, bring drinks, bring something to sit on. Bring a friend. Let's hope it doesn't rain. If it looks like rain - we'll have to reschedule. Damn, I hope I didn't jinx it by saying that.

Show Report for Sat May 19 - A Great Night!

It was a great night for drive-in movie. Last night was the best turn-out yet for the Renegade Picture Show. Thanks to everyone for showing up and making it a worthwhile event, I hope you enjoyed it. Special thanks to James for bringing the microwave and popcorn and setting out a donations jar. And thanks to all of you who donated to the Renegade Picture Show. All the money raised goes right back into continuing and improving the show. Next on the horizon for improvements... I'm in the market for some good-sized concert speakers that I can rig up to the stereo/FM tuner and blast the movie sound. If anyone knows of any at a pawn shop somehwere let me know - or better yet - if you have some or know of someone that has someone that they would be willing to donate or sell for cheap, let me know. The next show will be FRIDAY, JUNE 1. More on this in a future post...


Be there for our next show on Saturday, May 18. The feature presentation will be this movie . Show begins at dark - be there about 8:45 pm to get a good spot. Location is at OKC Rocks - back of the silos. Bring a radio and some chairs or just hang out in your car and watch. Don't forget to bring a beverage of your choice and some snacks or candy. You can't watch a drive-in without snacks or candy - it's just not natural.

Schedule Now Available - Mark Your Calendars

I'm listing the dates but not the movies. Why? Because I like to decide closer to time what I think will be fun to show. The movie will be announced about a week before the date. Schedule is subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen conflicts. Check the website. Saturday, May 19 Friday, June 1 Saturday, June 23 Saturday, July 7 Saturday, July 21 Saturday, August 11 Saturday, August 25 Saturday, September 8 Saturday, September 22 Saturday, October 13 Saturday, October 27 Other "Special Engagements" are not listed here.

Alternative Theatre Options

I was recently turned onto a new theatre in Fort Collins, CO. that takes a different approach to movies. It's called the Lyric Cinema Cafe . The cool thing about the theatre is that it's a different kind of movie experience. There is a cafe where you can buy beer or wine, healthy food as well as all the regular movie-fare. There's a theatre in the back that seats about 80. It has theatre seats but also has couches. They are in the process of building a second much smaller theatre. From the Lyric website I found two other similar theatres. One is the Moxie , located in Springfield, MO. and the other is the Ragtag Cinema located in Colombia, MO. I guess Missouri is ahead of the curve on this! Each of the theatres show more independent movies but some branch into more mainstream films. The Lyric is showing Raising Arizona soon. I'm pretty inspired by these places - essentially this is what the Renegade Picture Show is all about. Of course the Renegade is a little more

Post Picture-Show Report

Saturday, May 5 was the second Renegade Picture Show and we showed Rushmore. Actually, we showed MOST of Rushmore as the last 15 minutes were cut short by thunderstorms. And as you can imagine, rain and electrical equipment do not mix. Thanks to the few hardcore movie-goers who made the journey to the back of the silos - I know many of you looked at the weather and thought, screw that, I'm not going to venture out into that. No problem - there will be others. I am putting together a complete summer schedule and will have it posted soon.