A Great Show

We had the best turn-out yet for a Renegade Picture Show - I'm estimating over 30 people, and who knows how many cars. I hope everyone enjoyed the movie and the social atmosphere. That's what the drive-in experience is all about.

Thanks to everyone who donated their hard-earned money to the show. We raised about $25 bucks so that will, of course, go into the improvement and upgrade fund. The new speakers, which were purchased using money from the previous show, worked wonderfully.

The next show is planned for June 23 so mark your calendars. The title of the movie will be announced at a later date. For now, we are off to San Diego for the week.

OH, we gave away stickers at the show - if you desperately want one and have to have one, donate a BUCK (or more) through the ChipIn link on the left, include your name and address and I'll gladly mail you one.


Guy Gadbois said…
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Guy Gadbois said…
I'll be up for some White Russians when you show Big Lebowski.
This is great...I hope you can keep doing this and I plan on driving down from Tulsa if I can!

If your ever in Tulsa, come check us out at Circle Cinema...

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