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Show Report (& more)

We had a great show on Saturday night. The weather was nice - warm with no bugs and the show went flawlessly. I was surprised how many people had not seen the movie. Now you have been initiated, go forth and spread the word. Hope everyone enjoyed the little bit of 80s - the Banarama video of Cruel Summer. I thought that would be a nice touch for the pre-show. Thanks to Andy for capturing the moment - the picture here is his work. NOW.... The biggest show to come is scheduled for AUGUST 11. Get ready for the BL movie. This show is going to be very "dude." We are going to have outdoor bowling. Yes, that's right - RENEGADE BOWLING!! Still working out the logistics on this one but I think we got the basics figured out. I'm bidding on some pins on ebay right now - I should know within an hour or two if I've won them. A bowling ball has already been secured. And the construction of the lane has been figured out - though not fully engineered (and I doubt it will be until


There was a small showing on Saturday for the movie. Maybe everyone was scared of being overtaken by mosquitoes? Well, good news, the bugs were not bad at all. Actually, it was a near-perfect evening weather wise. The movie was great and those that were there really enjoyed it. We skipped showing Coven in order to save it for a later scary-movie theme night - you can expect those to begin in September and continue through October. That said - let's move on to our next show... SATURDAY, JULY 28. For those who don't know, or haven't seen it, this is a quintessential 1980s movie. Made in 1985 it is as quirky, funny, and lovable as ever. Wait, back up, did I just describe a movie as lovable? It has great characters and a slightly off-beat storyline. Not to mention the claymation musically interlude featuring Van Halen about halfway through. How else can high school love, suicide, skiing, car racing, foreign exchange students, and talking hamburgers be combined? It really doesn&


I'm really looking forward to this show. I think it's going to get some mixed reactions - some people will love this film, others.....will not love this film. Part of me says, "who cares, I'm showing it anyway." The other part, that part being my wife, says, "don't show that, people won't get it." It's true. This is a movie that some will simply not get - they either won't understand it - won't think it is funny - or just plain won't like the story. And it does have a story. It's a heart-breakingly hilarious, depressing, yet hopeful story of one man's passion for filmmaking and the friends and family that surround him. Ok, there's probably a better logline than that but that's the best I could come up with on short notice. But take my word for it - this is a good movie - this is an excellent movie. Do yourself a favor and come watch it. Oh - and the other film, Coven, is a short film (40 minutes) made by Mark Borch

Show Report (and next RPS - July 21)

We had a good show last night. The crowd was a bit smaller but still a great group - many first timers - so I hope everyone had a great time and come for the next show. I think the fact that we had to cancel the show a couple of weeks ago threw people off track and they didn't know we were having a show last night. No matter - there will be more. Thanks to the generous people who donated money - we are getting ever closer to our goal of $400. The popularity of the show and the donations means that this is likely to continue through another season - meaning, next year. The best is yet to come - I promise you. Another item to put on your list when coming to the Renegade Picture Show --- BUG SPRAY. It's getting to be that time of year where the heat lingers well into the evening and the bugs flourish. If anyone wants to bring some citronella candles that would be great. *edited* There is a movie that I've been wanting to show since the beginning of the RPS. One of my p

Rain, Rain, Go Away - Next Show July 6

Let's try this again... The past couple of weekends have been a complete BUST. The rain has been hammering us for weeks but it looks like things are going to let up just in time for the weekend. That means that we can FINALLY do another Renegade Picture Show. So mark your calendars and keep your eye on the weather forecast. The date is FRIDAY, JULY 6.