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UPDATE - Next Show - Sept. 22 (edit: see post above)

(9/19 EDIT: see most recent post - next show will now be 10/6) We are taking a break the next few weekends for some other things - the next Renegade Picture Show is scheduled for Saturday, September 22. In the meantime I am working on gaining access to another show location - this one in Norman. It is another really awesome and unique location so I hope that I am able to pull it off.

Show Photos Uploaded

All photos from the BL show have been loaded to the FLICKR site. Check them. And if you have some that you would like me to add - send them my way. aaron47[at]mac[dot]com

RPS on Flickr - Photos from BL show

Photos from the RPS shows can now be found on Flickr . And you will also find us on the Guerilla Drive In Group site along with some other like-minded movie events across the country. Be sure to check them out. There are a few photos from the BL show last Saturday and I expect to have a buttload more later this week. So you can check it out now but don't forget to check it out later when I get the bulk of the photos online. Also, if you have pictures that you want me to throw out there send them my way. The more the better. If you would like to do a show report or if you have a blog that you've written about a Renegade Picture Show that you've been to, let me know and I will link to it. As far as the show for August 25 I have some ideas but not fully ready to commit. Oh, almost forgot, if you want to see the bowling montage music video I put together for last week's show (again) it's on YouTube . Or just watch it here...

Show Report - HUGE Night

The turn out for the BL show on Saturday night was awesome. We had about 40 people show up, maybe more. It was a warm evening, as it's been hovering around 100 degrees for the past week here in central Oklahoma - but the evening cooled off to about 80 degrees and there was a nice breeze. The evening began with some Renegade grilling. Russell showed up with his grill and cooked everyone burgers. Next up was the bowling. The bowling alley was constructed on the previous day by Chris and I (Aaron) using some plywood that the owner of the climbing gym, Freddy, let us borrow. We really lucked out when we discovered that there were two bright red stars stenciled on a couple of sheets of plywood. That really added to the bowling aura. It didn't take much time to lay the plywood down and construct the gutters using 2x4s. At the end of the lane there was a chain-link fence that acted as the backstop. The lane was 48 feet long - not regulation but then again, nothing about this evening w


Hope everyone is looking forward to the show this Saturday. Should be a good time. I was getting a little nervous about the bowling pins arriving on time from the eBay seller but no need to worry - the bolwing pins have arrived! Now I've been questioning if I should purchase another bowling ball. Someone at work here is selling one for $10 - the same person I bought the last one from - so, I'll probably get it. Now just have to figure out the design of the bowling lane. I've got a few ideas on it. I'm trying to minimize the amount of materials and build time (in 100 degree Oklahoma heat) so it's probably going to be a pretty scrappy lane. Don't wear your best bowling shoes and don't expect to get any ball-spin off the 3/4" plywood surface. Shit, you'll be lucky to keep the ball in the lane. If anyone has taken pictures at previous Renegade shows that they would like me to display in the pre-show slideshow send them to me, Aaron at aaron47{at)mac(dot

AUGUST 11 - BIG show

We've got some special things planned for The BL show on August 11. Not only are we showing one of the greatest comedies of all time but we are also hosting the first Renegade Outdoor Bowling night. FREE BOWLING. We've got a used ball, some pins from ebay and we'll be building a lane out of plywood. Of course it's not perfect - but that's what makes it so damn fun! Oh and the other thing is this is going to be a dress-up show. We want everyone to dress up as a character from the movie. Now, I have some requests - if anyone has a rug, preferably one comparable to the oriental rug in the movie, please bring it. We need something that will really tie the area together - a rug would be great. Anything else you can think of that has any relation to the film - maybe some Sioux City Sasaparilla, maybe Little Larry Sellers homework, maybe the Ringer with undies in it...but please, please, please, no guns - you can be Walter but please don't pack heat as Walter would. We