Oct. 6 - Show Postponed - Another Show?

Well, Saturday Oct 6 came and went without an announcement about the show - sorry about that folks. I've been super busy with a new business (ad)venture that I've taken on. And, yes, it is related to the Renegade Picture Show. In fact, it involves the place where the show screens - OKC Rocks.

I, along with some partners, are purchasing OKC Rocks Climbing Gym! Very exciting. I've been keeping this a secret for while as things have been in development but now the word is out. Our close date on the business is Nov 4.

I plan on continuing the Renegade Picture Show but in the meantime things have been a little hectic and the showings therefore, may be sporadic. I'm going to do my best to have one final 2007 show in October - after that you'll have to wait until next Spring for the next show.

We'll be putting together a schedule of movies for next year - so I'll keep you posted.


Guy Gadbois said…
Hey man, congrats on the purchase. I'm glad to see the gym is going into good hands.


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