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Next Show April 26

Our next show is Saturday April 26. We are showing this film . It's another 1980s movie - this one about Jerry Mitchell, a nerdy high-school newspaper kid who is asked to do a piece on the new guy at school. Buddy Revell is a hulking bad-ass with an infamous reputation. When Jerry accidentally steps over the line by touching Buddy's arm, the fight is on for three-o'clock. Jerry must find a way to deal with it. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather - you never know about this time of year. The show will be in the same place and about the same time. Just as a reminder - we send out announcements about shows through "The List." Please go HERE and sign up if you haven't done so. Hope to see you there!

Show Report

The show on April 19 was a great opener for the 2008 season. There was a decent turnout considering the expectation of a passing spring storm and the cool conditions. I hope everyone enjoyed the movie. I know there are some corny parts to it but that's part of what makes 80s movies so great. Still, I have to say, after watching the climbing sequence again I am impressed that it all was accurate - there were not any shortcuts that Hollywood-ized the climbing and made it unreal. Except I did notice when Alan was hanging in mid-air he had two opposed carabiners clipped to a single non locking carabiner - what was the point in that? Another thing that I was even more impressed by in watching the movie some 15 years later was the final canoing scene. The cinematography was pretty amazing and those must have been class 6 rapids. The new screen worked wonderfully. I think the image looked SO much better on the flat surface versus seeing it on the curvature of the silos like last year. Sti

First Show of 2008 - Saturday, April 12

Am I excited to announce the first Renegade Picture Show of this season will take place on Saturday, April 12 at dark. What time exactly? Well, we don't know exactly - but I would imagine 8:00ish. For the first show of the new season we are showing one of my childhood favorites. An outdoor trip leader who takes a group of boys in the wilderness and through the trials and tribulations of the wild hopes to teach them, in his own way, a little bit about themselves. A the city boy who is uncomfortable in the wild and has a different way of doing things. The two clash and in the'll just have to see the movie. The movie came out in 1987 so it has all the typical qualities of an 80s film. One of the best parts is that it actually has a factually accurate depiction of rock climbing - though not a very long scene. So let's go through how this show works again - just as a refresher for the new year AND as a primer to those who will be joining us for the first time.