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SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT - Flaming Lips - Christmas on Mars - Friday 13th, June 2008

So - the surprise that I mentioned yesterday which I could not reveal yesterday is this.... The Flaming Lips are going to show their movie Christmas on Mars at Rocktown Climbing Gym on Friday the 13th of June. Shows will be held at midnight, 2 am, and 4 am. This FREE (that's right, I said FREE) show is a joint collaboration between Wayne Coyne of the Lips, The Dead Center Film Festival , and Aaron Gibson of Rocktown Climbing Gym. This will not be your typical movie showings - the movie will be shown inside a giant circus tent that holds about 200 people. I'm told that there will be an amazing sound system (as one might expect for the Flaming Lips) and a number of other surprises. There is a limited amount of space. At this point I have no details to give on how the tickets (if indeed there will be tickets) will be issued. Details on that are forthcoming... This is an exclusive event and one you WILL NOT want to miss. Surely, everyone will be talking about it. Some backgroun

RPS 11 - Show Report

It was great to see everyone last Saturday. I love it when we have a big turnout for the show. I guess it is tough to go wrong when you have a movie as great as Raiders. So, as everyone knows, the new one comes out this week. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that it lives up to all the hype! I don't know how many of you noticed but I was tinkering around with the sound during the show. At first it didn't seem loud enough so I cranked it up. Then it was easy to hear but by the next action sequence with rumbling bass it took no time to blow out BOTH speakers. Damn. That's the second time I've done that now. My gear just isn't beefy enough. I need to find some speakers - like concert speakers - that can blast the sound. If anyone has any leads on some concert-style monitors/speakers let me know - I'm in the market for those and a mixer. Moving forward.... I have an announcement, of sorts. Really just a teaser. First off, the show on June 7 has been ca

Show Saturday - May 17

Show on Saturday, May 17. The show is in the usual place - behind Rocktown Climbing Gym. Show begins at dark - which is somewhere between 8:45 and 9:00 pm. Don't forget to bring something to sit in or on, some snacks, and something to drink. We will have some candy bars available at the show. As always, the show is completely FREE - but we love receiving donations because it helps us with the ongoing expenditures of this project and shows us that you care. Ahhh. The weather should be perfect this weekend - so says the Weather Channel - but if things change and we need to cancel at the last minute we will post it here and send out an email through The List. If you have yet to sign up for The List and become a (I hesitate to use the word) 'member' then please do so. It's just a way of us letting you know what's going on with the show. We look forward to have a great crowd and a great show. Be there! By the way, if anyone has a whip like Indy has, please bring it.

Show Report - School bully film

A sort of late show report from the last RPS. The show went great - some minor audio issues that were worked out beforehand. But I think it indicates that my stereo system may be on a downhill slide. I'm going to look into beefing up the audio side of things. The screen looks phenomenal - crystal clear. I moved the car back a bit this time and didn't lose much brightness of the image so I'm probably going to do the same in the future. The weather was near perfect - slightly cloudy - cool - no bugs. Just wait until the middle of summer and you'll see the difference. The only issue was that we didn't have a very big crowd - but I'm sure that is because it was the evening before the OKC Marathon and people just didn't want to get out.