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We've been blogged...

It was only a matter of time but the RPS just had it's first mention in a local OKC events site/blog called wimgo . So I would expect a few new sign-ups on THE LIST and some new faces at the shows. To date the RPS has pretty much been a word-of-mouth type affair. That's because last year (our first year) was kind of a test, so-to-speak. I was nervous each and every show that something might blow up, burn out, short out, or just plain break. It would be a little embarrassing to put all this effort into a show and try to get it to look seamless, fluid and perfect and then - oh shit - the projector just cratered and 50 people are sitting there looking a blank wall in pitch black. I guess the chance of that happening is still there but things seem to be pretty well under control. And if it did happen, well, the show was free anyway, right? But I digress. The direction I was headed was really in the progression of the show itself; it's popularity. Of course it will never be