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Schedule Change - No Show Sept 6

We had a schedule change due to an event being hosted at the climbing gym the same evening. So no show this Saturday, Sept 6. Stay tuned for when the next show will be.

Show Report

I'm a little late on the show report this time around, but hey, at least I didn't forget. It was another great showing. In my view a great showing is: comfortable weather, no technical glitches (sound or picture), a relaxed atmosphere where people enjoy the evening. This showing had all of those elements. The movie was funny - dorky, but funny. And even better after a couple of beers. Next scheduled showing is Saturday, SEPT 6 and we'll be showing a movie about being dumb.


It's summertime if you haven't noticed and what better way to celebrate the glorious Oklahoma heat by enjoying a movie on the outside of a building? To celebrate, we're showing a summer favorite crazy summer movie. The show is this Saturday, August 9 and will begin at dark. Bring all the usual stuff; drinks, something to sit on, a radio, if you want personalized sound - we'll be broadcasting the audio via FM stereo. Hope to see everyone there!