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LATE Show Report from 4/18/09, RPS #16

So the third season of Renegade Picture show has begun - this time with a "Dumb" (if not Dumber) movie. We had a GREAT turnout for the show and everyone had a great time. The weather was perfect - a great way to start the season. Sometimes I feel a little bad about turning down the music and starting the show because it interrupts the social atmosphere - everyone is moving about, chatting it up and just enjoying hanging out together. But once the pre-show footage gets going everyone seems to remember - ah, yes we are here for this - and they get comfortable and start to watch. Aside from a couple of technical glitches (i.e. losing power halfway through the show and having my laptop DVD player freeze-up at the VERY end of the film - that killed me by the way) everything went pretty well. I've realized I'm sort of a perfectionist when it comes to syncing everything together and making it appear seamless. I guess I have an expectation for that performance aspect of the