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Renegade Picture Show - New Screen Premiere - June 30th, 2012

Greeting fellow Renegade Picture Show movie-goers! Saturday, June 30th, 2012 is a special day in many ways. It is the first show this season - and our 21st show over the course of 6 years running. We'll be celebrating the day and enjoying an evening of film in our BRAND NEW VENUE and on a much, much larger and even more awesome screen. The new screen is located on the opposite end of the same building where the old screen was painted. This is the third generation of painted movie screens and each one just gets bigger and better. This one all but knocks it out of the park. Coupled with an incredible grassy sitting area, this should be quite an enjoyable spot to watch a film. Someone already pointed out the imperfections of the building and how it's not entirely flat - my response is that it only adds character and is part of this style of movie-going experience where we have to make do with what surface we have to project on. In actuality, most of the imperfections of the surf

First Drive-In Movie Theater Anniversary....

Today is the anniversary for the frist drive-in movie theater which opened in New Jersey in 1933. There's a good article about the rise and fall of drive-in theaters and the uprising of "guerialla" drive-ins posted here !