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Return of the Renegade Picture Show

It's been some time and I've decided to re-launch the Renegade Picture Show in all its glory this August with RPS #24. Not sure what will be shown at this time or which Saturday evening it's going to be just yet so stay tuned. I was updating the site today, clicking through the links on the links page and was pretty shocked to find that there are very few guerrilla drive-ins left in the US. I think this is a result of the pressures of the film industry's regulating body and licensing folks hard at work putting the hammer down - way to go Swank and Criterion. "It's stealing," they say. (Do I want to get into the collective argument of copyright fair-use, right now? Kind of, but I'll sidestep for now.) In any case, the popularity of outdoor movie showings has skyrocketed. Here in the OKC metro it seems like everyone has some sort of movie night. On the river, at the botanical gardens, at the waterpark, at the amusement park, at the community park..